Back to Work: A Feature Log

I have enjoyed almost two weeks with my new son at home on paternity leave, without using the computer for much other than checking mail. The itch to work has grown stronger, so with that in mind, I am about to start implementing several of the features that various users (PolshGiant and Coder312) have suggested on the Snip-It Pro Forums. Here is the rundown:

  • A new Advanced Preferences window with the following features:
    • Ability to Add Custom Languages to Category Pick List – I will implement an advanced preferences that will have a tab that allows users to edit Categories.
    • Checkbox to exclude Clipboard History from Search Results
    • Checkbox to toggle Word Wrap in Explorer
    • Checkbox to toggle warn of unsaved changes.
    • Checkbox to toggle use of tab key (tabs vs. spaces.
  • Tooltips bug – I will limit the size of tooltips to avoid a nasty bug that can occur for large snippets.
  • Polish Find in Explorer window – Add features to make it easier to search within a snippet and remember last searched terms.
  • Export to single text file – A number of users, wanted to easily export snippets out of Snip-It Pro and didn’t want to keep them in the snip (xml) format. I’ll add an option to export to a text file which will basically create a text file with all the snippets within the folder.

Those were the easy wins, which I am committed to getting down in the next few days. There were also a couple of interesting features, which require a bit more thought.

If you have any other recommendations, leave a comment or send an e-mail:


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A new release: Welcome Robert Eugene San Filippo

A new release: Welcome Robert Eugene San Filippo