Almost Done... (With Interim Build Link)

So I almost got through the feature list mentioned in the last build for Snip-It Pro.

I managed to fix the tooltip issue by limiting the tool tips max columns and rows. This should be enough of a preview of any snippet and for larger ones will hopefully avoid errors some users have experienced.

I also added an Advanced Settings option to the Options menu with an extensible settings form (I plan to detail how I build this in a future post) that has three settings providers right now: one to modify categories, one to toggle search behavior and one to toggle tab behavior.

I also managed to clean up the find replace within the syntax box (F3 key works properly now) and fixed an issue where two tabs were inserted when the tab key was pressed.

I also added a new folder export option that exports all the snippets to a single text file.

I didn't manage to get word wrap working. I am using an open source control (Alsing's SyntaxBox) and it has no easy word wrap feature to plug into.

I also didn't finish the prompt user on changing a saved snippet feature, though I do plan to get the done when I can.

I need to update the help files and docs, but for those that are interested, click here to download a build that includes the mentioned features.

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