Snip-It Pro 2.5 Preview

I just finished building the Snip-It Pro 2.5 release candidate. I didn't want to increment the version to 3.0, but still wanted to signify the fact that there are many new features that have been added. Besides general bug fixes, these enhancements include:

  • Snippet Queue – Queue Snippets in a folder to paste one after the other using hot keys. Includes a queue preview window so you know what’s next.
  • Template Export – Easily convert Snip-It Pro formatted snippets to snippets of any format using this useful feature (The help file even describes a sample setup that exports Snip-It Pro snippets to the Visual Studio Snippet format).
  • Export to a Single Text File – Export all your snippets to a single text file for archival purposes or to send to a friend who doesn’t have Snip-It Pro.
  • Hot Keys are integrated with templates – Now Hot Keys will replace place holders with cached template values from the snippet toolbar.
  • Folders in the Snippet Toolbar now display a Tooltip with the path to their physical location.
  • Enhancements to the Snippet Explorer including:
    • Support for drag and drop.
    • Enhanced Context Menu that supports Renaming, deleting and viewing properties of folders and snippets.
  • Advanced Options for the following: Edit and add the categories list

    • Configure Tabs vs. Spaces
    • Change Auto Comment Formatting
    • Configure Template Export settings.
    • Change Search Settings to specify whether the Clipboard History should be included in search results.
    • Change how global hot keys insert snippets. (paste through the clipboard, or “Send Keys” for each character)

All these as well as an updated help file are in the current build, which can be downloaded here. I am planning on having the web site updated with this build by the weekend.

Snip-It Pro 2.5 Released

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