About DSF

I am digital solutions architect at Avanade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. I've been a software developer since 1999 and have been a consultant since 2005. Most of my career has been focused on web development, but I have done quite a bit of BizTalk, SharePoint and more recently Sitecore development. I have written articles for MSDN Magazine and the Microsoft Architecture Journal.   

How I got here:

I started my career working for small companies.

First there was the dot com: enjoyed the weekly pizza parties and incredible burn rate; survived multiple rounds of layoffs; made it out not the worse for wear.

Then I joined a small software company: Got to wear a lot of hats: developer,  sales engineer, architect, trainer, tech support, trade show presenter, designer, demo creator, lead qualifier...

Then I followed a VP closer to my house to work for a Automotive Parts distributor. There I got to deploy an ERP system from scratch, reinventing and improving most of their internal processes along the way.

At Avanade I have worked for about 11 clients in 10 years. I've built client facing websites for large retail brokerages, trading systems for hedgefunds, integration platforms for insurance companies, mobile websites for real estate companies, marketing websites for consumer retail goods companies and SEM collection and anlysis platforms for digital marketing agencies, I've been exposed to a number of industries, technolgies and projects. 

 The past three years I have been focused heavily on Sitecore, leading projects for large energy companies, building websites for retail package goods companies and serving as a global technical architect for a large Pharma company helping them launch over 80 sites in the past two years. 


Other Noteables:

  • Married since September 2004 to my beautiful wife Maggie.

  • Have 6 amazing sons (In a 6 year span, but our last two were twins).

  • Launched and Closed down a few different side projects: Snip-It Pro, a code snippet manager, Wedding Crowd a Social wedding planning website and a couple other thought experiments using Azure.