Minor Tweaks

One of my Snip-It Pro users gave me three suggestions that I thought were very good and were easy for me to implement. I was able to get them done and I re-released Snip-It Pro officially as version

Here's what was changed:

  • Now you can set a default category for new snippets. I Added a default checkbox to the Categories page of the advanced options dialog. Just check the checkbox (and click add or change).
  • Description Text box is now a combo box with auto complete. If you're creating a bunch of similarly named snippets, this will make it easy to fill in the description. The combo box list items are only saved in memory, so restarting the application clears the selectable items.
  • Warn Users of Unsaved work. Now when you click "New Snippet" anywhere in the interface, you will get a warning message asking you if you want to discard your changes if you had previously modified a snippet.

Nothing huge, but nice usability improvements none the less.

You can download the latest from http://www.snipitpro.com/


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