Beta Ready or Not

Just finished putting some finishing touches on Snip-It Pro 2.0 and am finally ready to release it to the public. 

*Update - It looks like I have some dependency on .Net 3.0. I will try to get to the bottom of it, but the current build might have issues if you don't have .Net 3.0 installed. Also I haven't fully tested on XP and there looks to be some XP bugs that I have to iron out.

*Update 2 - Problems Resolved. I eliminated the dependency (and shrunk the installer by over 1 Meg).  also can confirm things work in XP. 

You can download the beta by clicking here.

If you have an existing version of Snip-It Pro, please uninstall it first. I also recommend backing up all your existing snipppets, either by backing up the snippet files themselves or using the export capability. While the new version will understand the old snippet format, the old version will have problems with snippets edited or created with the new version.

The installer was created with Inno Setup, and not the same Windows Installer technology used by the previous version. I went with a new technology so I can use one installer for both 32 bit and 64 bit editions of Windows and wanted to add the ability to start Snip-It Pro after it is installed. I plan on blogging about my experience with it later on.

The new version will pick up on any existing Snip-It Pro configuration, so if you are upgrading, you should still see the same settings that you had.

I haven't had time to update the help file, so the information in it still is related to the older version. Hopefully all the changes are intuitive. If not, and you think that it should work a bit different, please let me know.

This is a major change to the application and much of the code base was refactored and large chunks were rewritten. There probably are a few bugs sprinkled in here and there so if you see any, please either leave a comment here or send an email to

Either way let me know what you think.

In the coming weeks I will be working on updating the website, rewriting the help file and fixing any bugs that come up. I'll try to post more details about some of the features in the new version in coming days.

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