Almost Beta

After months of working on the new version of Snip-It Pro, I am almost done. The UI has been completely revamped. Hopefully it was worth the Effort.

Among the new features included:

  • New Snippet Details Window- No more popups with limited screen real estate for editing snippets. Easily navigate from snippet to snippet and view all the details how you want. All menu options have been moved to this new window, making it easy to navigate preferences and options.
  • Language Specific Syntax highlighting- Rodger Alsing's SyntaxBox has been integrated into the product. Besides code highlighting for most major programming languages, it also allowed me to integrate printing capabilities that will allow users to print and print preview snippets.
  • Global Hot Key support- Use the same snippet all the time? Assign it a global hot key and have it entered automatically into almost any application. (Uses SendKeys to type the snippet)
  • Snipplr Integration - Snip-It Pro will be integrated with web based snippet sharing site Snipplr. View your favorites and Saved Snippets right in Snip It pro through a special Web Folder. Publish local snippets with the click of a button.
  • Permanent System Tray Icon - Now the system tray icon is in the task bar at start up. If you forget where Snip-It Pro is, you can use it to force it to show up.
  • Launch Snip-It Pro at Start Up - now you can configure Snip-It Pro to start with windows. Useful for ensuring Snip-It Pro saving your clipboard history.

Besides these changes, there are plenty of UI changes, icons and other look and feel changes. Click the picture below for a better look.



Interested in helping test the beta? If you're already a customer, look for an email in the next week or two. Not a customer, Send an email to and let me know.

I need to finish a couple of things with the Snipplr integration and package everything into a new installer.

While the beta is going on, I will be collecting feedback, fixing bugs and working on updating the help files and the Snip-It Pro website itself.

Beta Ready or Not

Snip-It Pro 2.0 Update - a Work in Progress