Announcing Snip-It Pro

Happy New Year!

For awhile now, I have had this idea in the back of my head for an application I would write if I started my own micro ISV(uISV). For the life of me, I can't explain why I didn't do this sooner. I always made excuses. Even now, having written most of the code for the actual application, I still feel a little overwhelmed when I start to think about everything else that it will take to get it started. From setting up the rest of the website to getting started with advertising.

Anyway, the idea was to build an application to help people manage snippets. It would be a sidebar application that was docked to either the left or right hand of the screen and users could just drag content to and from the application. They would be able to organize everything into folders and even share by storing the files on a network share. The actual tool I built does all this and more. It feels great to actually build something and actually own it.

Keep in mind, I am using my personal time to work on this project and am still consulting full time. I am hoping to have a beta version of this product available for download by the end of January. If you are interested in becoming a beta user, check out the site I set up for it (includes a screenshot of the application). Click the link at the bottom of the page to be notified when the beta is available.

Published in the February Issue of MSDN Magazine

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