Snip-It Pro Released

A few weeks back I announced that I was nearing the end of my development for a snippet management tool. Today I am letting you know that it is complete. Snip-It Pro is now available for download. Check out the new website where you can download a free, fully functional 30 day trial. I have even posted a few demos that I created using Tech Smith's Camtasia, which is an awesome product.

I have also begun releasing libraries of snippets that can be downloaded for free and used with Snip-It Pro. The first library is a collection of more than 30 useful html snippets. More details are on the Snip-It Pro website where I am starting a new product specific blog where I will promote the product specifically.

It was hard work, doubly so as I did it on a part time basis, not counting a short vacation over the holiday break. I am very proud and really hope people will download it and find it useful. Let me know if you tried it and what you liked or didn't like. You can use the contact form on this blog or just send an email to

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