The Beta End

Today, I took the last BETA exam I will take for a long time. Now that it's over with, I can catch up on some of the training courses I signed up for at Avanade. I have to finish that Sharepoint Development Self Study Course, and start the Visual Studio Team System training. This doesn't even include the "Negotiation training" course I will be taking next Monday and Tuesday. If you are a consultant and you like training, Avanade definitely has a lot to offer. Speaking of which, I just became both a Career Manager and a member of the East Region recruitment team last week.

Anyway, the test was almost pleasant. It was split into two sections that aligned to the test objectives that Microsoft published. This weekend I put together a guide for the first section that is exactly like the posts on 70-553 that I have been publishing. So look foward to reading about that in the distant future ( considering how many sections 70-553 has).

Back to 70-554. The first section covered web services, alot of WSE 3.0, Remoting and some Service Components/COM+ questions. The second half is what I really enjoyed.

It was 30 questions, all that were a little story, or at least made me read the entire question and think about the best answer. Some people hate those kinds of tests, and I probably would too if I found out that one of my answers was wrong even though I had a good explanation. I loved the format compared to the "Case Study" format exam 70-300 used.


Exam 70-553 - Debug and trace a .NET Framework application by using the System.Diagnostics namespace.

Exam 70-553 - Embed configuration management functionality into a .NET Framework application.