BETA Forgetfullness

It has been a wild weekend. I didn't realize I was scheduled to take the beta for Exam 71-554 tommorrow, so I spent much of it studying Web Services, Remoting, WSE 3.0, ServicedComponents and Message Queue. The second half of the test is all Methodology, so hopefully not going over that stuff won't hurt me, since I think I probably know most of it.

On the project I am now on at a large Financial Services company in new york, we are in the midst of the QA process for an application we are building (purposefully vague). Everyone is working longer hours, everyone is stressed, and I forgot to tell people I have to leave early tommorrow to take the exam. Hopefully it will all work out.

Also I just noticed people are starting to hit my site from google queries. It has only been up about a week, so feel free to click the Contact me link to tell me what you think.

Exam 70-553 - Embed configuration management functionality into a .NET Framework application.

Exam 70-553 - Implement .NET Framework interfaces to cause components to comply with standard contracts.