Snip-It Pro - Free

Snip-It Pro - Free

It's been over two years since I stopped selling Snip-It Pro. Since then I've gotten a handful of emails on it. I thought of open sourcing, but I did use a few commercial libraries when building it, and actually seemed to have misplaced the source code. I built it over 10 years ago, long before cloud repos were so common place.

Anyway, I did think it was a useful tool, and since it's been long enough and hopefully no one feels jips that did purchase it in the past, I figured I'd just host in the blog and release a key to use it.

Download Snip-It Pro

Use this key.


It's provided as is. Have not been testing on latest versions of Windows, though can say it's working nicely on my Windows 10 machine. Please don't expect any support. 


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