Sitecore Foundation - Layout Components

Out of the box you can build pretty complex sites using the library of components available in Sitecore Foundation. A majority of those components are based on the Zurb Foundation library, though there are several components that are standard html5 components and components that implemnet popular libraries like owl carousel and video js. 

One of the core sets of components in Sitecore Foundation are the layout components. Built on top of Dynamic Placeholder implemnetation, they allow you to create layouts of 1 - 4 columns and nest them to create complexs layouts on top of Zurb Foundation's 12 Column Grid.

Besides straight columns, you can go wide left, wide right or even wide middle, and you can even use Zurb Foundation's Block grid to define how many columns show up on small, medium and large devices for complete control of the layout at different breakpoints.

Here's a Video overview of the components and how they work.


How to use Sitecore Foundation's Layout components to lay out content on Zurb Foundation's 12 column grid and how to define how those layouts act responsively at different breakpoints.

Sitecore Foundation - Content Components

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