Updates to Sitecore Foundation Data Exchange Components

Recently Checked in a few changes to the Data Exchange Components available in Sitecore Foundation. Most notably, I actually changed all the namespaces to use DEF instead of DXF, a point made clear at a session at this years Sitecore Symposium back in October.

Besides that change, I refactored some common processors into a new general project, added a few new processors and more. These changes and additions include:

  • Added a new Excel Project with an Excel Endpoint and Read Excel Tab Processor that leverages an Excel Data Read to iterate through the rows of an Excel File and set it up in an Iterable Data Settings Plugin.
  • Updated Query Database Pipeline Step to automatically map query parameters from the Syncronoziation Source as long as the parameter name matches a field available in the source. 
  • Added Clear Collection Facet Pipeline Step processor which will clear a Facet Collection from a contact record. (This works on the current Contact in Syncronization settings, it does not save the record).
  • Updated Iterate and Run Pipeline Steps Async to use Parllel for each instead of Async Task Library (was spiking the processor CPU) and introduced Sitecore settings to control the min and max number of processors (set to number of CPU's in the environment).
  • Introduced new Group By and process group by records which can be used to group iterable data settings records in memory and then fetch and iterate that data by key later.

Changes are available in github. 

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