Striking Distance

Well I just refreshed the beta of Snip-It Pro 2.0 to fix a couple of minor bugs but it is basically ready for release. I even finally got around to updating the help file. You can download the latest beta by clicking here.

I started working on refreshing the website, and I can't believe I let it suck so badly. Looking at the current home page, you can barely tell what Snip-It Pro does. Heck, the copyright at the bottom of the page still says 2008. I have some work to do to get it in better shape.

I am also looking for some more testimonials for the product, so if you would be willing to, please send me an email to

If the stars align and I get everything I want done, I might be ready for the release as early as next weekend.

Then, I will switch my focus to another thing I haven't done a good job on: Marketing.

Stay tuned...

Finally Live

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