Want a Free Snip-It Pro License Key?

In the interest of getting more visibility for Snip-It Pro 2.0, the product I created to help manage code snippet libraries, I am giving it away for free in exchange for some publicity.

If you have a blog or website, just post a review or mention Snip-It Pro, linking to http://www.snipitpro.com/ and I’ll send you a free license key. Don’t have a blog or website? Write a post or comment on your favorite message board as long as it’s relevant to the topic or message board (please don’t spam).

Just send an e-mail to info@snipitpro.com letting me know where the review or comment is and I’ll send you a free license key. Easy as pie.

Both positive and negative reviews are welcome, so don’t feel you need to hold back. I want to make Snip-It Pro better.

Spread the word.

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