Copy and Paste Code Reuse Proposal Accepted

Jeff Atwood of coding horror just gave me a great idea at a perfect time with his latest post, A modest proposal for the Copy and Paste School of Code Reuse.

You see, Snip-It Pro 2.0 has been in beta for about two weeks. It is a searchable, dockable code snippet manager that supports syntax highlighting and integrates with one of the code snippet sharing sites Jeff mentioned, Snipplr.

Anyway, I am in a good position to implement new features, and I will implement this one into my product this weekend. I already allow snippets to be tagged with a reference url and can easily add a GUID that will be searchable through my search interface. I will implement the feature to output the Guid and the reference url related to any snippet as a comment. (I just need to figure out all the comment markers for all the languages I support).

The Guid may not be searchable on google (unless Snipplr or another service implements a similar feature), but you would be easily able to search using the search feature in my product.

You can download the beta as is (I will work on that feature this weekend) by clicking here.

I'll post a follow up when the feature is implemented.

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