E-Mail Hosting

I have not had any email accounts associated with mtelligent.com because I don't feel like paying for a hosted service and can't be hosting my own mail server while living in a small one bedroom apartment. Last Friday, I was spending much of the plane ride home from Dallas to Newark catching up on podcasts. I was pleasantly surprised by show 77 of Hanselminutes: <Moving your email into the Cloud>. I didn't know there were companies offering free email services, and was surprised to find there were two very big companies offering this service.

Although I didn't check out Google Apps, I did sign up for Windows Live Domains. The sign up was painless and with in minutes I had setup one email account david@mtelligent.com and modified the dns settings of my godaddy account to point to windows live servers.

I definitely would recommend this to anyone who owns a domain name that want an easy and free way to set up email accounts.



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