Links for Printing and Code Access Security

As a web developer, printing is another topic I don't get exposed to as often as I would like, so I figured I'd share a few links that will help you understand printing enough for the 70-553 exam.

The article: C# Printing Functions gives a high level overview of the PrintDocument object, the workhorse of printing in .Net as well as the standard dialgos: print dialog, page setup dialog and print preview dialog.

If you want more control over the print output including an event model to program against (OnStartPrint, OnStartPage, etc) you would use the PrintController or PrintControllerWithStatusDialog classes. These are not as heavily used and I couldn't find any good articles outside of the standard MSDN documentation on either of these classes.

I also found another great article that describes code access security. In Code Access Security and .Net you are given a good background on role based security and a brief explanation of some of the options available for declarative security.

Now once you have a good idea in your head of what code access security is and how it can be used, another article similarly titled Code Access Security in the .Net Framework will fuller your understanding of the different things you can control and how you can control them. Read this article second or you will be lost by the second paragaph. The second article really helped me understand the difference between assert and demand.

That's it for now. Hope you found these articles useful in your studies.

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