Being Deaf in One Ear

This blog has been way too technical. I hope to mix things up a bit by posting on things that reveal a little more about myself than I have lead on. Besides, there aren't than many more posts left to make related to the Microsoft Exams. I figured I would start my revelations with the same-handicap that has defined a lot of who I am over the years. I remember back in high school, on the first day of health class, the teacher went around the room asking students to introduce themselves and tell something about themselves. When it came to be my turn I said: "My name is David San Filippo and I am deaf in one ear."

You see, I am almost completely deaf in my right ear. I always have been and don't really know why. I didn't actually find out until the second grade. I managed to pass two hearing tests in kindergarten and first grade. I remember just randomly raising my right hand after a long pause. I didn't really understand that other people could hear from both ears.

So being deaf in one ear, I can't hear in stereo, I have trouble separating voices when in loud, busy environments like parties. This has always made me feel uncomfortable, and I tend to avoid busy social events.

It's not all bad. I can easily get to sleep by laying on my good ear, and I always have an excuse when my wife says I don't listen to her.

Anyway, I always find it fascinating when I hear about someone else being deaf in one ear. Here is a list of famous people using google and Wikipedia that are also deaf in one ear:

  • Stephen Colbert
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Teg Nugent
  • Walter Gretzky (Wayne Gretzky’s father)
  • Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)
  • Elliot Yamin (American Idol 5th Season)
  • Johnny Ray
  • Henri Tomasi (French Classical Composer)

Know any others?

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