Exam 70-553 - Manage control layout on a Windows Form.

Two Sections down, one to go. This, the last section that exam 70-553 covers deals with Windows Forms.

Section 3

  • Part 1
    Creating a UI for a Windows Forms Application by Using Standard Controls
    • Topic 1

Manage control layout on a Windows Form.

  • Group and arrange controls by using the Panel control, GroupBox control, TabControl control, FlowLayoutPanel control, and TableLayoutPanel control.
  • Use the SplitContainer control to create dynamic container areas.


These are all the basic grouping controls available to Windows Form Applications. The Panel Control can have scrollbars, the groupbox has a caption.

The TabControl Control hosts TabPages which can be used to group other controls.

The FlowLayoutPanel deals with controls similar to the way a web page deals with controls in flow layout mode. If there is not enough room in the line, it will flow to the next.

The TableLayoutPanel deals with controls orders controls in a tabular format, exposing a right click context menu that allows you to add rows and columns.

The SplitContainer Control is two panels separated by a moveable bar.

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