The Tale of the Evil Laptop Breaking Skunk

My Toshiba laptop is still broken. I am still trying to set up an appointment with the tech to come and fix it. It's been broken for over a month now. It's a good thing I don't need it at the project that I am on. Skunky the cat killed it. He seemed to love to sit on the keyboard, didn't even mind the beeping noises. Sometimes he would get wily and change my internet explorer settings and click on banner ads. That didn't cause it to be in the shape that it is now.

There are two things that Skunky the cat can't resist. String Cheese and bottles of water standing upright where he can get to them. For whatever reason he loves to just knock water bottles to the ground. It must be his display of dominance. Unfortunetly for me, he knocked an open water bottle right next to my laptop. The keyboard completely ceased working and it made a horrible beeping sound constantly.

So I called Toshiba, and told them about the problem. My company has the thing fully insured so everything is covered. The guy on the phone asked me if I wanted to save the data, and said yes if possible. So after about a week of going back and forth I finally set up a time when my wife, Maggie was home and the stars aligned enough that the tech could come to my house too. And do you know what they did? They replaced my hard drive. So much for saving the data. They just left me a blank hard drive and told my wife I should have a disk to reinstall everything.

So after a week of waiting for the imaging disk to be mailed to my house, i unwrapped the fedex package, popped in the CD and watched as the installation process began. It made it pretty far until it needed to ask me what size partition to install the image on. Turns out the keyboard still didn't work. I don't know what made them think that the hard drive would fix the keyboard, and when I called them they didn't know either. It seems whoever I spoke to originally was probably zoning out when I first described the problem.

So I opened another ticket with Toshiba, and got a call two days later notifying me that the keyboard is on back order for at least five more days. Today I found out the part has arrived. So now all I need to do is wait for the stars to align one more time so that Maggie will be home when the tech is available to come to the house. All because of a Skunk who hates upright water bottles.

By the way, my basketball team lost again bringing us to a record of 0-6. At least we are consistent.

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