Exam 70-553 - Configure settings for a Web application.

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Configure settings for a Web application.

  • Configure system-wide settings in the Machine.config file.
  • Configure settings for a Web application in the Web.config file.
  • Manage a Web application's configuration by using the Web Site Administration Tool.


As was the case in previous versions of ASP.Net, there are many settings that can be defined in both Machine.config and Applications Web.Config. With ASP.Net there are many more settings that can be controlled in both files. Lucky for us, in ASP.Net we also have access to a Web Site Administration tool and mmc tools to make it easier to make changes using a GUI interface that will modify the Xml stored in the configuration files without having to manually modify them.

At the very least be familiar with the Web Site Administration Tool which can be accessed by navigating to webadmin.axd under your applications root. The tool has four tabs: Security, Profile Application and provider. Most of these are discussed in detail in other posts on this site

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