Well, people have already decided to steal my content. Most of my posts have been excerpts from a guide I put together for Exam 70-553. I also have a guide for 70-554 ready as well. I put them together when I was studying for the Beta exams. To be nice (and it also looks good come annual review), I already submitted them to the Avanade repository (It's called "contributing"). When I did contribute the articles, I specifically indicated that they were for internal use only. Hell, the documents are using an Avanade template.

Today I found two sites that have posted the guide for 70-553 in it's entirety, Avanade template and all. One has no visible email and the other has a contact page that is broken. If I can't resolve this soon, I may have to involve Avanade's legal department.

So I have over 4,000 suspects across the globe. The guilty know who they are...Harassment.

Anyway, I want to encourage people to add comments to the Guide posts. Clarify a detail, Add a resource, make things clearer. Let me know if I forgot to dot an i or cross a t.

Exam - 70-553 - Control permissions for resources by using the System.Security.Permission classes.

Exam 70-553 - Encrypt, decrypt, and hash data by using the System.Security.Cryptography classes.